By Richard Allison


Richard describes himself as a “man of modern renaissance”. He has worked in many bar around the Los Angeles area having made great professional connections along the way. Richard founded a company dedicated to craft bitters called “Root Bitters”.

For Pineau des Charentes, Richard created and designed Conveyance. This cocktail will transport you to a happy moment—no matter where you are presently. The bright and complex flavors of Pineau des Charentes pair beautifully with the warm, tropical tastes of pineapple, rum and Meyer lemon. Want to make your own?

La Adventure

By Sarah Morrissey


In a drinkscape driven by a constant search for the next trend in technique, ingredient or approach, it's refreshing to come across a bartender as Sarah who thoroughly understands what the past can offer the present. Sarah is very familiar with fortify wines. She is a big fan of Pineau des Charentes and has had designed a tailored cocktail named La Adventure.

Haunted Mind

By Josue Romero


Josue is a bartender at a well-known Los Angeles restaurant / bar Mezcalero. Josue created a signature cocktail named Haunted Mind. Featuring Pineau Des Charentes, the Haunted Mind will warm the cockles of your heart right before dinner by the campfire.

Haunted Mind is a perfect cocktail to enjoy in the afternoon during the early fall while reading a book, definitely before a meal.

There’s a chill in the air, which means it’s time to add the wintery flavors of fig and plum to your pre-dinner drink.

Gold of Biscay

By Frank Mills


Frank is a beverage professional, having worked in the industry for 11 years. He currently works at Roy Boys in Washington DC.

Dreaming of a trip to the Bay of Biscay? Frank takes us all to the French seaside with this bright, citrusy take on a Pineau des Charentes led cocktail.

Gold of Biscay is a vibrant and refreshing cocktail while easing into relaxation. It is the perfect cocktail to sip during a warm summer evening on the beach, toes in the sand.


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