When used as an aperitif, serve at 50 F, and add an ice cube if required.

When consumed during or after a meal, serve Old or Very Old Pineau des Charentes at a slightly below room temperature

Always store upright. Recork open bottles and place in the fridge.


Pour Pineau in a wine glass and hold it up against a light background to appreciate the colours and hues.

Turn the glass to aerate the wine and liberate the volatile molecules of aromas to appreciate their intensity and complexity.

Aerate the Pineau des Charentes by turning it on your palate. The first attack is lively and reviving, while the second gives a sweetness and fatness that envelops the palate.

Old and Very Old Pineau des Charentes are longer on the palate. This length actually has a unit of measurement: the caudalie, one second of the wine’s impact on the palate after it is swallowed.