Hall of fame

Richard Allison

Pineau des Charentes Academician



Richard describes himself as a “man of modern renaissance”. As an adventurer, mixologist, curator and travel enthusiast, @rootBitters borned and raised in San Diego.
Richard relocated to Los Angeles California, where he developed his love for Hospitality, design, fashion and lifestyle.

Richard has established himself as a passionate cocktail connoisseur and wants to share his lifestyle with you.
He has worked with many different bars, designers, and restaurants groups, and has founded a company dedicated to craft bitters called “Root Bitters”.

Richard is one of the Academicians for Pineau des Charentes. He created and designed the Conveyance signature cocktail.

Pineau des Charentes represents for me a balance between bright and complex flavors that I wanted to use in the Conveyance signature cocktail.