Hall of fame

Josue Romero

Pineau des Charentes Academician

Josue Romero


He then began entering cocktail competitions, where he placed first in the state! As his momentum grew, so did his popularity.

Josue was a bartender at a well known Los Angeles restaurant/bar Mezcalero. He was also a popular influencer and content creator. Josue worked with brands to create social media content as well as promote events. In addition, he also worked with restaurants and bars to create their drink menu. He created cocktail recipes and content for beverage brands and coached young bartenders.

Josue created a signature cocktail named Haunted Mind. Featuring Pineau Des Charentes, the Haunted Mind will warm the cockles of your heart right before dinner by the campfire.

I am a cocktail enthusiast and a Pineau des Charentes lover! Discover my signature cocktail the Haunted Mind copyright Pineau des Charentes.